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Only the best conditions for our clients

We are very scrupulous developing every service so that cooperation with customers
only brings positive results

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Margin Tranding

With a small capital, you can operate with relatively larger amounts, respectively, making more profit
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Strong Security

All our clients' funds are kept in separate accounts, which means that without your consent no one can access them
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Instant Execution

CFT-Partner software is developed using advanced technology that allows you to achieve such a rapid execution of transactions
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Mobile Tranding

The trading platform works on any device that has access to the network and browser
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24/7 Investment

Among the hundreds of assets available, there are tools for trading at night and international holidays
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Free Consulting

If you doubt your capabilities, experienced financial market professionals are at your service
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What is CFD?

Essentially, CFD is a trade made between an investor and a market maker. The investor purchases not the underlying asset itself, but only a contract for the difference in its value from the market maker.

If the difference between the trade opening and the closing prices is positive, the market maker shall pay it to the investor. In contrast, should the price difference be negative, this amount will be written off from the investor’s account to the benefit of the market maker.

Benefits Offered By CFD

• You can earn on various assets – precious metals, stocks, indices and even cryptocurrencies just as easily.

• Controllable risks. The trade term is unlimited which means that the contract can be terminated at any time whenever it is profitable for you.

• The profit size is not fixed, and so you can make big profit on sharp price movements.

• Money can be made on both rise and slip in prices.

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